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Decorative Landscaping Stone

Rock-It Direct has over 60 different colors, sizes and variations of Granites, Quartzites, Slates and Marble chips.

We source our mateiral from all over the USA and Canada and deliver right to your Job Site, Golf Course or Supply Yard.

Truckloads are approx 24 tons

Alabama Sunset 1.png

Alabama Sunset

OVERSIZE 3”X 1.5” 
LANDSCAPE 1.5” X 9/16”
1/2” PEA 
3/8” PEA

Alabama Sunset is an ultra smooth clean stone. A light brown, grey, tan and translucent white river rock.

All American Heritage

1 1/2"

Multi-Colored Granite stone including ivory, pink, red and blue.  Similar to a river rock but does include broken smaller pieces.

Autumn Red.gif

Autumn Red


Autumn red is a consistent Maroon / Purple Stone.

Birch Pebbles

1 1/2"

Smooth stone with a beige color

Birchwood Pebbles Landscape Stone 1 1_2_.jpg

Black Cherry Granite

1 1/2"

This Granite has a great mixture of Black and Red in a 1 1/12" stone.

B Rose Marble

1 1/2"

Black Cherry Granite is a blend of charcoals, pinks, auburns, buff, gray, and tan stones with freckles of black and veining throughout.

B Rose Marble.jpeg
Black Diamond Granite 1 1_2.jpeg

Black Diamond Granite

1 1/2"

This high end black granite with a reddish tint that will sparkle.

Black Granite - Midnight


This crushed Black Granite has a beautiful mix of Black and Gray spots.

Midnight Crushed Grantite 2.jpeg

Black Granite - Mixed


This smaller granite has blacks, grays, green and reds throughout.

Black Lava

1 1/4"

This lightweight stone boasts a coverage area for landscaping that can't be beat by any other black stone. Stone is fire proof and can be used in Fire Pits as well.


Brass Stone

1 1/2"

Brass Stone has a great color and is available in many different sizes.

Brick Chips (Virgin)

1 1/2"

Our brick chips are made from Virgin brick so its colors are consistent and no mortar or other building stones are crushed and included.

Brick Chips.jpg
Chocolate Brown Granite 1 1_2_.jpg

Brown Granite


Brown / Chocolate color granite comes in a consistent brown color in 1" Great Replacement for Brown Mulch .

Brown Sunset Light


Brown Sunset boasts an amazing coverage area of 2 Yards per ton. It has brown and gold coloring. Perfect for large jobs on a budget.

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 11.29.16 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 1.12.28 PM.png

Canadian Red Granite

1 1/2"

Cad Red has variations of balanced brick reds, and sepia with hints of grayed brown tones. The stone is a popular stone used for Rock Gardens, Borders, Accent Stones, Rock Walls, Retaining Walls as well as Fireplaces.

Carmine Granite


Carmine Red Rock has an overall hue of subtle brick-reds with smattering of charcoal blacks and warm tans

Carmine Granite.png
Cajun Spice Grnite 1 1_2_.jpg

Cajun Granite

1 1/2"

Dark Black based stone with red speckles

Canadian River Rock

 1 1/8"X 2"

 2 1/4"- 6"1/4"

Canadian River stone comes in multiple sizes. This stone is a great low budget stone that can be used in multiple ways included landscaping.

Canadian Cobbles 3-6.JPG
Carmal Quartzite 1 1_2_.jpeg

Caramel Quartzite

1 1/2"

Caramel colored stone with laces of red stone make up one of the best color stones we carry.

Green Granite

1 1/2"

Green stone brings an unique color scheme to your pond, landscaping or pool area.

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 12.53.41 PM.png

Green Slate

1 1/2

Green Slate is one of the more unique stones. The slate shape gives this stone a textured look with a unique color.

Gray Metallic Slate


3/4" - 1 1/2"

1/2 - 1 1/4"

Gray Metallic Slate comes in all different sizes, this material is the most popular stone we sell. Gray in color with a shiny metallic look glistens in the sun and the slate size makes for a textured wavy look that is truly amazing.

Gray Slate Medium.png
Kings Red Rock.jpg

Kings Red

1 1/2"

This granite with a red base has black specks making it a great combo.

Midnight Blue Granite

1 1/4"

Blue, Brown and Beige on these stone granite make it a deep dark color scheme.

Midnight Blue Granite 1 1_2_.jpeg

Mexican Beach Pebbles -


These smooth Black / Grayish stones are hand picked from the beaches of Mexican / Southern California. Ultra smooth and constant size make it a stone that can deliver every time.

Multicolor Granite


Multicolor Granite comes in 2 sizes, this light based granite comes with hints of Black and some red.

Mint Glitter Landscape Stone 1 1_2_.jpg

Green Glitter Granite

1 1/2"

Tints of green and sparkles makes this granite stand out.

NH Granite

1 1/2"

NH Granite has a blend of rosy terra cottas with some hints of chestnut brown, ecru and delicate umber. The colors of this stone represent warm earth colors.

NH Franite.png

PD Granite

2" X 1" 
6" X 2"

PD is a blend of pink and auburn tones, that are peppered with dark gray and generous black and coffee colored flecks.

P&P Granite

1 1/2"

P&P Granite has all the characteristics of a beautiful pink stone with freckles of black through-out, this stone all provides a bit of a sparkle under light, compliments hues of reds.


Pink Dixie


Pink Marble with hints of white stone mixed in. When the stone gets wet it changes to a beautiful purple color.

Platinum Granite

1 1/4"

Dark mix with Black, Reds and Whites.

Platinum Granite 1 1_4_.jpg

Purple Sunset

1 1/2"

Purple Sunset Quartzite is a beautiful fractured stone, predominantly purple in coloration, with a few white stones intermixed.

Red Lava

1 1/2"

 This reddish brown stone is used for landscaping and firepits. 1.5  yards = 1 ton

Red Lava.jpg
Red Slate.png

Red Slate

1 1/2"

Red slate has a beautiful mixture of red and pink slate.

Rose Glitter

1 1/2"

This light red granite has a glitter effect when in the light.

Rosa Glitter Landscape Stone 1 1_2_.jpg
Ruby Red Granite 1 1_2_.jpeg

Ruby Granite

1 1/2"

Ruby  granite has a base red with black speckled throughout.

Salt and Pepper


Great looking White Granite speckled with black spots.

Salt and Pepper (1).jpg
Sand Pepples2.jpg

Sand Pebbles - Small


This small pebbles stone has great beachy color tones. Excellent drainage stone and looks great next to pools.

River Jacks


River Jacks are a smooth stone from river beds. Grey, white, green, red, and brown.


Sand Pebbles - Large


Large Sand Pebbles are slightly smaller then a golfball. The beachy colors work perfect near pools and are excellent for drainage.

Silver Granite

1 1.5"

Silver Granite sparkles in the sun and has a great silver black look.

Sugar & Spice Granite 1 1_4_.jpeg

SS Granite

1 1/4"

Multicolored Granite with Black, Pink and Gray.

Western Sunset

1 1/2"

This amazing blend of colored stone has red, creams, yellows and darks. This material is a great replacement for the extinct Timberlight / Sunset light / Firelight Stone

My Post.jpg

White Marble

1 1/4"

White Marble chips are bright white and contain some red, green, and gray coloring spread out.

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