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PRO/ANGLE Bunker Sand®

Pro/Angle Angular Bunker Sand represents the latest significant innovation to improve the game of golf. Pro/Angle, the original 100% Angular Bunker Sand, was designed specifically to improve the game. Pro/Angle resists ball impact creating a more playable bunker shot.

Pro/Angle Angular Bunker Sand has improved the playability of the game at some of the most exclusive courses across the country. These courses have seen improved scores and increased member and management satisfaction.

Since 1995 Pro/Angle Bunker Sand leads the industry in quality and customer satisfaction. Pro/Angle is a preferred bunker sand for the finest courses in the nation.

PRO/ANGLE Bunker Sand® is the Original 100% Angular Bunker Sand created through a specialized crushing and grinding process that fractures silica quartz pebbles into angular particles creating the most playable, weather resistant bunker sand on the market.

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